Established in 2000 -- Our Ninth Year 

As The Grove Turns is a Cherry Grove and Fire Island Newsletter. Its purpose is to promote a more positive image of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight People of Cherry Grove and Fire Island. It is published May-September and features Gay and Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Local, National and International News, Cherry Grove Diary, Lots of Photos; Fire Island Newsletter; Letters to the Editor; Commentary; Humor; Columnists; The Island Repertory Theatre Company;  Community Bulletin Board; Hunk of the Week; Lloyd Fider; Robert Conlon; Fire Island Follies; Fire Island Invasion of Fire Island Pines; Mots and Not So Bon Mots; Restaurant, Entertainment and Movie Reviews. To date, approximately two million people from around the world have visited our website. We love you all! Richard LaFrance, Editor/Publisher.



The following people have made a tax-deductible contribution of at least one hundred dollars to The Island Repertory Theatre Company in 2007 in the following categories.

Founder $1,000+:

Richard Fenn

Richard LaFrance

This 'n That

Ron King & Justin Jones

Cherry Grove Pizza


Producer $500*:

Tony Finstrom & Jack Dezak Cherry's

Director $250+:

Jan Felshin & Edrie Ferdun Michael Kobos & Donald Egan
Walter B. Quetsch Charles Whipple
Eric Coyne

Michael Romanelli

Dr. Anna Tirado & Ms. Henriette Von Woerkom

Linda Albarano

L. Bradshaw

Patron $100+

Edwin & Neil Juan Punchin
Anonymous Jeffrey Zirpolo
Karen Durka Steven Tepper
Anonymous John Langan
James P. Hughes The House of Mae Bush
Tom Holden Roy and Barbara Flood
Bill Ottignon Virginia McInerney
Dan Nafziger John Philip
Rita & Jack Lichtenstein Bill & Tony Tholtsiniathis 
Jim Kapsalis The Cubby Hole (Fort Lauderdale)
Paul E. Elsener Ralph M. Hays & Harold Fried
Emma McGrattan  

Supporter $50+:

Mark Donatelli Anonymous
David J. Garfinkel Al Wolff
Lorenzo F. Pugliese Harold Seeley
Thomas McKenna Robert Michel
Ken Fabbrini Carl & Linda Eisenberg
Al Wolff James Keys
William Marino Anonymous
Tom Cunningham JKTWO LLC
Richard Daddario Gay Nathan and Julie Paradise
Edward Mallon Dan Daly
Jim Kelly Kim Guzalak & Anita Grosso

*Let us know if you prefer that your name not be listed as a contributor.

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