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To paraphrase a piece of writing that caught my eye on the Internet: "The ability to put my thoughts on (virtual) paper and put them where people can read and respond to them has been marvelous, even if most people who have read my writings haven't agreed with them. If there is any hope for the long term success of democracy, it will be if people agree to listen to and try to understand their  opponents rather than simply seek to crush them." -- RLF

In Memorium -- "My primary purpose in writing these articles is to help provide gays with a sense of their history outside of Stonewall. I feel we have to grab it wherever we are living it and get it down for the generations that will follow in our footsteps."--Mary Kapsalis.

August 27, 2008 -- Summer is winding down and the weather is ideal. I've been way too involved with this website and The Island Repertory Theatre Company to cover all that went on here this summer, but things that interested me got my attention and maybe that's all that can be expected. There are many website and blogs on Cherry Grove now. I'm sure that everything got a mention somewhere.

The Annual Grovettes vs Copettes Volleyball Game has become a ghost of its former self, but fans of the sport claim the competition has become fierce and the playing way more expert. This year, the Grove won 2-1. (Photos above.)

Here are some photos taken at the recent Miss Cherry's Pageant:


A forgotten envelope in our guest room closet held a treasure of writings by Mary Kapsalis and photos taken by Joel Schechter that he gave to me for publication years ago. I do hope that anyone concerned will not mind their being published here. They seem to date back to the 70's. I particularly like the one of Mary cutting hair. Can anyone out there identify any of the people and the exact year the pics were taken?

Of the period, Mary Kapsalis wrote:

IN THE BEGINNING, there was a chap named Dudley, who ran the buses out of Sayville to New York. I was on that bus going home one night when we were pelted with stones. Dudley shouted, "Get down and hold on!" So we careened through Sayville town like possessed people. No doubt the same youths were boated over to make trouble in our community. What they met up with were our guys who worked out at the gym. I handed out rolls of coins as they ran to confront the young thugs. Needless to say, they never came back.

It wasn't only the pelting of stones that we endured. Every sign that we put up pointing out the way to the ferry disappeared. People couldn't even get through to us. There was a lot of prejudice against us in Sayville. It changed in the 1970's when the population grew and more money began to flow. I don't think the prejudice let up, it's more that money began to talk . . .

The ferries took the better part of an hour to cross the water. One boat had no upstairs and we had to sit downstairs with the engine and the fumes. Some very hearty people were not above getting seasick. People by the name of Pokorny owned it at that time. Mr. Pokorny was one of the kindest men ever knew. There were no prejudicial slurs made from them. The boys made a lot of his wife. If you missed the boat, he would run speedboat specials for two dollars that got you here in no time . . .

The fire department was electrified by Jimmy Merry and Martin Kahn. To borrow a line from the Godfather: "It wasn't personal, it was business." Both of these men had a lot to lose if their businesses went up in flames. The girl firefighters, whom I called brave broads, were just as gallant then as they are now . .

Our postmistress had a husband named George. Handsome was not the word. Try gorgeous. Try yummy. When he whizzed by on his gas truck, hearts went pitter-patter, both men's and women's. On an island of beauties, that's really saying something! Jeanne Skinner always ran the post office like a tight ship; her mother before her. You can still hear her plea of "Pick up your mail. I have no more room!" . . . .

George committed suicide. He was a plumber and gas man who turned everybody's water on and off. One Spring, he turned the water on too early and everybody's pipes froze. In shame, he killed himself with a shotgun. I think she still has it. One year I had to borrow it for the production of "Annie Get Your Gun." I was the only one braze enough to ask here" . . .

At night in cardigans and blazers, we congregated on the deck of the Ice Palace, then called The Bat Cave. We were neighborhood, alright, with exchanges of gossip tossed round. When Vincent asked, "Who was going for the malteds?" we all knew what he meant. One evening the subject was a lady who had aspirations of being on Broadway. "Oh, yeah," was the cynical reply, "the only way she's getting to Broadway is on the cross-town bus." OK, she wasn't calculated to endear . . .

The Monster was presided over by the Prince of Cherry Grove Joe Sciallo, who checked every plate that went out of the kitchen. No wonder they came from up and down the Island. He was one of a kind and is sorely missed. Later on, Amelia of Top of the Bay brought food that would make a gourmet out of Ghandi. Mel Brooks and Ann Bancroft will attest to that . . .

In those days, people traveled between communities on a raising of the flag ceremony on the dock while we all saluted. How can you quarrel with The Star Bangled Banner? Paul Lynde frequented the Grove, as well. He was very gay and had a coterie of guys at his feet. He was a nice guy. There were more celebrities who came here then than now. This was their hangout. Felicia Sanders performed here. Kay Ballard appeared at the hotel. She stayed with Evelyn and Valerie. At the hotel, it gave one a start to emerge from one's humble room and see Carmen McRae and the divine Sarah Vaughn sunning themselves at the pool. A favorite house guest of Jimmy's was Morgana King.

Rock Hudson was a frequenter of the Grove. Burke McHugh was a famous model who had a lot of money. He gave a lot of parties and opened a restaurant in the Village called The Lion. He always had a big clique around him. People seemed more fascinated by the famous than they are now. Grove people allowed celebrities their privacy, which is probably why they liked to come here. -- To be continued in the next edition.


People, Places and Things: Jan and Edrie lost their precious Poppy (photo left) yesterday. She and her mommies. had a wonderful life together. (February 1, 1998-  August 23, 2008.) . . .

Cherry Grove has a new Ice Cream Parlor across the walk from Island Breeze that always has a line waiting to get in. An instant success! Congrats Frank and Linda. For some reason there are a couple of skeletons sitting next to the brightly colored building that must signify the long length of time that it took to open the place. On the other hand, skeletons are good luck south of the border. Maybe it's a Mexican thing. (Photo right) . . . On Sept 13 - 8 PM, The Arts Project of Cherry Grove Presents " A NIGHT at the MOVIES"  Showing the 1993 Original PAWS review Madame Stephanie's Scandals. Pop corn, old time candy and soda served by Cherry Grove's bitchiest ushers, candy vendors and ladies room attendants. Buy tickets early to avoid being seated in the children's section. Tickets available at your neighborhood community house. . . .

Read the latest review of Island Rep's presentation of Omar Prince in "The Rarest of Birds" on . . . Playwright Tony Finstrom was in the Grove last week, attending rehearsals for the world premiere of his new play "Between The Covers", which was presented at Island Rep on August 24. A few days before performance, actor Daniel Logan had to drop out for personal reasons and world-famous actor Tommy Femia stepped into his role. The cast of this hilarious gay treatment of "All About Eve" also included Charity (wonderful as a brassy film critic), David Dubin, Dennis Callahan, Bob Verbrugge and Frank Spoto under the direction of Richard LaFrance. We're hoping for a production in Fort Lauderdale this winter. (Cast photo upper left) . . .

Joan Van Ness, Frank Santoro and Pierre Galarneau were honored by the Cherry Grove Community Association at Blueberry Hill for their years community service in Cherry Grove. . . . Our boardwalks have never been in worse condition (photo right); yet, none of our community orgs take time to do anything about it. All you hear is "the boards are not our responsibility." Isn't it time that someone assumes some? Hint: It's a great excuse for yet another fundraiser. This time, though, spend the money in Cherry Grove instead of sending it to the mainland on the next boat. . . . In a quiet ceremony, the ashes of deceased Greg Cheplin were recently scattered to the wind on our beach by a few family members and friends. Rest in Peace!


Increased Vigilance for West Nile Virus on Fire Island
WNV Detected in One Mosquito Sample Collected near Fire Island Pines

Fire Island National Seashore announced today that a sample of mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus (WNV) has been found on Fire Island. The National Park Service collected the mosquitoes on July 29 from a gravid trap on the federal land just west of Fire Island Pines. The mosquitoes were from a trap set by the Park as part of its weekly monitoring program. Testing was done by the New York State Department of Health, Arthropod-Borne Disease Program, in Albany. This program is a collaborative effort between the Park and Suffolk County Department of Health Services, which announced the positive results on August 14. Although there have been dozens of WNV- infected dead birds throughout Suffolk County, none of these have been found within the boundaries of Fire Island National Seashore.

The National Park Service works closely with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Suffolk County Vector Control, and local Fire Island and Long Island municipalities to determine the best course of action to protect residents, visitors and employees of the Seashore. When threats to human health (such as the presence of West Nile virus) occur, actions to protect the public may include control methods such as applying larvicide or spraying. The public will be notified 24 hours in advance of any spray event. Information on the date and exact location of any spraying can be found on the Suffolk County web site at or by calling 631- 852- 4939. Suffolk County Vector Control is currently authorized to spray within the Fire Island communities, including Fire Island Pines, using ultra low volume backpack or truck- mounted sprayers.

The park is continuing its surveillance program to monitor the severity and extent of West Nile virus in the Seashore. As per the Park’s standard operation procedures, there will be an amplified surveillance in the area where West Nile virus has been detected.

Mosquitoes can transmit both West Nile virus (WNV) and Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) from an infected bird to humans and other animals. However, mosquitoes are a natural part of a healthy salt marsh ecology. The larvae and adults provide food for many kinds of wildlife, including other insects, fish, birds, and bats. Some measures taken to control mosquito populations, such as spraying insecticides, adversely affect the health of fish and other wildlife living in the wetlands. Insecticides may also filter very quickly through the soil to the water table and could possibly infiltrate the water we drink. Therefore, any actions taken to protect human health through the control of mosquitoes must be weighed very heavily.

Residents, visitors and staff are advised to avoid mosquito-infested areas.  If contact with mosquitoes is unavoidable, it is advisable to wear protective clothing and use an effective insect repellent, such as one containing at least 30% DEET. Non-DEET repellents (e.g. herbal-based sprays) are also effective. (Use much less repellent for children; DEET should only be used with extreme caution on children under age 3.) People most at risk of becoming ill from West Nile virus are those over 50 years of age or whose immune system is impaired.  Such people are advised to stay away from areas with mosquitoes.

For general information on West Nile virus, please contact your local health department.  Information can also be obtained from the CDC, New York State or Suffolk County WNV web sites, or one of the park visitor centers.

For more information about Fire Island National Seashore's mosquito program, contact Mike Bilecki, Chief of Resources Management at631-687-4760, or Fernando Villalba, Park Biologist, at 631-687-4769.

For more information about Fire Island National Seashore, visit thepark’s web site at

Paula S. Valentine
Public Affairs
Fire Island National Seashore
120 Laurel Street, Patchogue NY 11772
631-687-4759, 631-774-0520 (cell)

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As The Grove Turns was founded on May 15, 2000. So far, we have received over a million visits to our site from over fifty countries. Next edition of As The Grove Turns: August 8, 2008. 'Til then, God bless.


"Because a great community deserves great theatre."


Richard LaFrance, Founding Artistic Director

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Thanks for all the Love . . .

Steven Fales in "Confessions of a Mormon Boy" (upper left)

Omar Prince in The Rarest of Birds" (upper right)

"Between The Covers" cast and crew:

Frank Spoto, Dennis Callahan, Tommy Femia, David Dubin, Charity and Bob Verbugge, Tony Finstrom, playwright; Michael Spina, Technical director; Rob Wisdom, Stage manager.

"Sordid Lives" cast and crew:

 John Philip, Dell Harbin, Sally Ann Piacentino, Dennis Callahan, Vicki Solomon, Robyn Murray, Tommy "Tush" DiMastri, Seth Michael Donsky, Barbara Flood, Cem Utanik, Michelle Coffaro, Edrie Ferdun, Michael Spina, Rob Wisdom, Andrew Loren Resto, David Johnson, Richard LaFrance, Richard Fenn and The Tides management and staff.





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I understand that rumors persist that the Property Owners Association made a complaint to the Agriculture and Markets Department about the Grove Market. It's simply not true.

Please help in dispelling the rumor if the matter comes up in conversation with neighbors and friends:  Neither the POA nor the Community Association made any complaint about the Market.  Any complaint that may have been made was without our knowledge or approval.

As with any question about the POA, please email me so we can help address the matter as quickly as possible.  Your cooperation is appreciated!

Sincerely, Larry

Larry Lane


(Editor: Hmmmmm! Wonder who it could be????)


Richard -- I saw Sordid Lives this past weekend, and it was terrific.  Rarely have I seen a play I enjoyed so much, that I would want to go back to see it a second time -- Sordid Lives is definitely that type of a show.  Not only is it a good play, but the cast was phenomenal and the Cherry Grove community spirit was electric.  My humble opinion is that this would be a really great production for the Community House.  Congratulations to all involved for putting on an outstanding show.

Linda M.


My mother had a wonderful time last night, and the reason that I brought her in the first place was that she could not understand (as much as she loves my best friends David & Bill) why her straight daughter chooses to spend her weekends at Cherry Grove.  I have tried many times to explain to her that although it's a gay community, it's a community, and my specific example is always that when you are walking around everyone from the community smiles and says hello.  You can sit down and have breakfast or just a drink and you are guaranteed to meet and converse with new people.  You don't experience that in Ocean Beach or Davis Park.  So please don't even jest about barring us straight people....some of them just have to get over what their own repressed parents taught them.  My friend who is pre-op transgender had an incident a few week ago where a man with his wife/girlfriend repeatedly yelled out 'your a dude! your a dude!' to her, which of course greatly upset her, as that's not what she's accustomed to in Cherry Grove.  My question is......If you are a tactless homophobe what the hell are you doing in CG in the first place?  So instead of the 'gay only' sign there should be one that says 'open-minded individuals only'.

See you this weekend!


(Editor: I've never suggested that straight people shouldn't come here. Times change.)


Mr. LaFrance,

I couldn't agree with anyone more than "John" in your letters to the editor section in your prior publication. I'm actually quite surprised that you haven't printed a response from them yet?  Its time that the community question where all these donations go.

According to Guidestar.Com a free website that anyone can go to and view the IRS Filings of a 501 (c) charitable non profit organization. Here you will find their financial reports.

The last year that one can view a PAWS financial report is 2006.

According to its filings in 2006 PAWS raised $62,501.00 dollars.

In 2005 PAWS raised $35,809.00 dollars.

In 2004 they raised $92,442.00 dollars.

The reports are quite extensive with as many as twenty two pages.

In the 2006 report on page 17, the organization claims it spent $49,339.00 dollars on veterinary care, $7,799.00 dollars on Pet food and supplies and $3,960.00 dollars on boarding fees.

Page 18 reports $1,160.00 dollars in donations made by PAWS to other Animal Rescue organizations.

I'm not one to question the integrity of an organization or its volunteer's but in my many years summering in the Grove, I too must question where all these animals are?

I agree with John. Its time that the PAWS Treasurer tell us just how many cats and dogs are taken care of?

What veterinary service is being used at such a high cost? Are we talking about "Feral" (WILD) cats?

Island Rescue located in Bay Shore, NY charges $30.00 dollars to spay or neuter a feral cat and its returned the same day to be set free again with NO boarding costs.

And why would we raise funds in Cherry Grove to donate to other organizations??

My years in the Grove allow me to know with certainty that few cats are left behind by careless owners. And I don't know of ANY dogs left behind. Maybe the PAWS Treasurer can give us an actual accounting of just how many are left behind?

Volunteers tell us not to feed the deer, yet we have feeding stations in the Grove? Where are they located?

I don't think the PAWS organization or it's Treasurer should take a negative view of members of the community questioning where all this money goes. It is however time to be open and honest. I'm an animal lover. But when an animal organization raises more money than the Doctors Fund and the Dunes Fund combined, then its time to question.

Be open and honest with the community and they'll continue to donate. Be combative and untrustworthy when questioned, you'll loose your support base


Happy As A Clam 5

(Editor: This has been a bone of contention from several people for the last few years now. P.A.W.S has responded to every letter published here, furnishing links to all documents that explain their operation.

(Most of the money raised in Cherry Grove is put on the next boat to the mainland, not just PAWS. A lot of the remainder is raised by local not-for-profit boards who spread malicious rumors about the others because they don't want to share potential donations with other groups.

(There are charter rules of conduct that not-for-profits must abide by or lose their status. Bottom Line: if an organization has a good cause, people will donate to it.

(Fund raising is an art, and inept cliques who run some of our local groups simply don't know how to do it creatively . . . think all they have to do is badmouth other groups who are trying to play by the rules.

(Groups who try to fundraise by badmouthing other organizations should be sent on their emptied handed and empty-headed ways. It's time that this stopped. If an organization's purpose seems frivolous to you, don't give. But don't let malicious and titillating gossip make up your mind for you.

(Bona fide not-for-profit organizations are the heart and soul of a community. Too many have become havens for political and gender issues that are illegal for them to address and still hold tax-exempt status. If they try to raise money by maligning others, their purpose is weak and not worth your hard earned bucks.)


Re: PAWS: Are you here in the Fall when PAWS does most of its trapping? I wonder where you are during the winter when Lee Frey is on the Island working to save animals' lives. Further, as you may know, traps are also available all season long -- when needed.

Your neighbor Betty as had a feeding station diagonally across from your house since 1988. Sorry to say that due to ill health and the cost of feed she is unable to continue this benevolent work. She pays for this herself. I sometimes gave her salad and bread from my table.

Much to your apparent dislike, PAWS is a No Kill operation that, among other things, makes financial aid for animals available to anyone who asks.

Most of PAWS donations are raised in Sayville, and we usually have only one benefit per season in the Grove. This season has been different as our supporters appreciate how much our rescue efforts cost and wished to do more.

While you are not required to support us, I do hope that you are generous to other organizations here in Cherry Grove.



I wanted to thank you so much for supporting my nights at Cherry's this season, I wanted to let you know first hand about any rumors that may be going on concerning me and the fallout that I had with the current management at Cherry's. I did not quit during the White Party at Cherry's. I was asked to leave in the middle of the party, a first in my 28 year career as a DJ on Fire Island.

I am pleased to say that I will be working at Pavilion 2.0 for the remaining

part of the 2008 season, I will be operating the lighting system this Labor Day weekend for Dj Junior Vasquez on Saturday and Dj David Knapp on Sunday.

This past Saturday I made my return to the Pavilion after a 10 year absence. I debuted at the Pavilion back in 1996 at the request of the former owner John Whyte. who I had tremendous respect for in the 3 seasons I worked for him. 

I am excited to say that the new Pavilion is a spectacular new venue with a brand new sound and lighting system and working back at the Pavilion is a privilege and honor that I will always cherish. I am grateful that I have been given the opportunity to work in a professional atmosphere with talented and creative management.

Thank you again for all your support this season.

with Love,

(Editor: I am a friend of both Cherry's management and Michael. I don't think people realize what brutal schedules those of us who work here keep. In the heat of August, energy wanes and regrettable  things happen. Fortunately, all involved are pros and their services invaluable.)


Richard...Thank you for a extraordinary evening.  You really get great performances from your actors....Valerie Perez


After nearly eight years of writing a column for the Fire Island News, I realized that deadlines and only eight issues a season that ends too early for me were not what I wanted. So I'm going to keep the column, and also write a blog as often as the muse strikes. I set it up so you all can make comments. I hope you will.


My name is Dominick and I just wanted to bring something to your attention. I recently logged on to One of their photographers shot pictures at the recent Ascension Party 2008. You must know that the photographer from who was taking pictures at all 3 major parties in the island cannot take pictures any longer at the Ascension Party because the owner has changed.
Please be aware that I have 2 drives in my PC and I logged in to their site twice on Friday, August 22nd to see the pictures of the Ascension Party. They have them being shown in a slide show format. However, when the show begins to run, it dumps a Trojan Horse on your drive. They infected my C: Drive and my D: Drive as well.
My pc began freezing and acting very slowly. I was lucky because I have AVG Antivirus installed on my PC and it deleted them when I ran the program this morning, August 23rd. Trojan Horses are very dangerous because they can allow someone to gain control of your pc and steal all your data.
This is the report I received from AVG Antivirus: Trojan Horse Generic11.MEN, Filename: A0060224.dll. I have written to them, but they have ignored my e-mails. I didn't know what to do. If you can, please give a warning to people not to log on to because it is a very dangerous web site.
Dominick Mancini




Photos by Justine La Hagela

To view more of Justine's work, go to


As The Pines Turns  

by Alan and Carlos (The Freedom Guys)

The Pines has been a pretty busy place over the past several weeks. The Pines Party Circus! Under the Big Top was a success.  The crowd danced the night away with hot music and cool drinks with the Atlantic providing a perfect backdrop.  Who would have thought that a Circus theme would be sexy, but trust us, it was!  Lots of hot dancers and even Porche made an appearance.  Congratulations to all of the volunteers who gave their time and for all those who contributed financially all for outstanding causes.  Looking forward to next year. 

Several other parties around that were a blast were Francisco's birthday party held on Sail Walk.  The birthday boy and Jon did an awesome job with the food and drink (and yummy bartender). Richard and Lise's housewarming party on their purchase of their new home was also fun.  Congrats again!  Same to Larry and Mike purchasing a co-op. Congrats and good luck! 

Did anyone see the double rainbows over the bay recently?  We were on the ferry heading from "America" when the sun came out and the rainbows appeared over Fire Island.  Truly remarkable.  The only thing missing was miss Judy but she was already spotted during last months invasion.

Judging by the crowds around town and at Tea(s), it looks like this year has exceeded last year in the number of visitors.  Low tea, high tea, mid tea and the Sip & Twirl have been wall to wall recently. Last weekend's low tea actually sold out and the entrance was sealed off.  Never saw that before.  High tea and happy hour at Sip &Twirl were also jammed as were the Bistro and Bay Bar.  The harbor was near capacity and the house parties were in full swing.  Definitely, the boys are staying local this year and the Pines businesses are more than happy to accommodate them. 

The wonderful Deborah Cox also performed last weekend at the community house.  The Ascension party also brought in thousands of shirtless party boys for all day drinking and cavorting on the beach, again, for excellent charity causes. 

Even the harbor is seeing bigger yachts every week with a very diverse crowd.  Last Saturday, a 100 foot mega yacht entered the harbor like a cruise ship pulling into Ft. Lauderdale.  The ship hosted a large group of boys celebrating a "thirty-ish" birthday party for the lucky boy and dozens of his closest friends.  They partied all day and left just before midnight for Sag Harbor and Newport.  I did think however that the name of the ship "Hooter Patrol" seemed a bit odd given the only hooters visible were muscle toned pecs!!

Lots of fun the past few weeks... Looking forward to the rest of the summer.

See you around!



Fire Island Follies



Sex and the Island



About the author: Lloyd is 25 years old and has a BA degree in Psychology from Stony Brook University. He is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Social Work at Fordham University. He currently works for a printing/graphics design company as a production coordinator. He loves volleyball, badminton, bowling, movies, books, writing, biking, hiking, the beach, and hanging out with his friends. He is currently single. He currently resides in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. Prior to that, he lived in Huntington, Long Island for 6 years.

For comments or questions, please email him at


For more information click here



Packed with 13 breathtaking natural scenes of Fire Island Men on pristine beaches and forests of Fire Island. The images are from Emmy award winning film maker Tom Castle's upcoming photography book licensed exclusively for this project. All models are Pines/Grove residents or visitors over 18 years old who volunteered to be photographed ‘as is’ in clothing optional areas of the beach and forest.






August 6, 2008 -- The Fire Island ferry operators, portraying themselves as the latest casualty of this year's gas price spikes, are seeking immediate fare increases of up to 25 percent.

Representatives of Fire Island Ferries Inc. of Bay Shore and the Davis Park Ferry Co. of Patchogue told county legislators this week they each will lose more than $150,000 this year and will need the fare hikes to avoid doing the same next summer.

But Kevin Duffy of the Legislature's Budget Review Office, said Fire Island Ferries made more than $1 million in 2007 -- thanks in part to a 10-percent fare increase that went into effect last spring -- and should not be granted another hike before the end of September, when its fiscal year concludes. As part of their licensing regime, the private ferry companies need the county's approval to raise fares.

Tim Mooney, owner of Fire Island Ferries, said he needs the fare hikes to go into effect "as soon as possible" to counter a doubling in the price of boat fuel. "I'd rather do it sooner than later," he said.

Mooney has asked for an increase in adult, one-way tickets from $8 to $10, round-trip tickets from $15 to $18 and 40-trip booklets from $233 to $264. Fares for carrying freight would also increase at similar rates.

The Davis Park ferries are seeking to hike fares from $7 to $8.50 for adult, one-way tickets and from $122 to $140 for 20-trip booklets. A round-trip ticket, which is not offered now, would cost $16.

Also Wednesday, Fire Island Ferries officials said they have been operating without a county license since March. Mooney and Duffy blamed the situation on a paperwork error that occurred in 2004 when County Executive Steve Levy approved the existing license.

Presiding Officer William Lindsay (D-Holbrook) introduced a measure Tuesday to formally extend the company's license through March 2009.


Why can you kick a man on the rugby field, but not whip him in the bedroom? Is nicking some other guy’s penis with a knife worse than scarring your wife?

by Alex McBride, The First

August 6,2008 -- Her day job might've been working in a chip shop but she knew how to handle a cat-o-nine-tails. My best friend's bare bum hanging out of his trousers looked especially defenseless. She'd come out of the Yellow Pages - not just for the nasty things in life, but for the really nasty things, too. After his whipping, we examined the damage. The angry welts on his ass clearly amounted to actual bodily harm. Had he consented? Was meekly lowering his trousers the same as giving the thumbs up?

The House of Lords ruled in the so-called 'Spanner' case, named after the police operation, that you couldn't consent to ABH in sadomasochistic sex. In his judgment, Lord Templeton said that, "Pleasure derived from the infliction of pain is an evil thing. Cruelty is uncivilized." The participants in the Spanner case, which involved gay men filming the

torture of each other's genitals, would disagree. It was entirely consensual. They volunteered to have their foreskins nailed to bits of wood. No one ended up in A&E explaining how they happened to become so uncomfortably attached to faux-Regency coffee tables. Their lordships, shocked by the disparities in age between the nailers and the nailed, felt that a line must be drawn to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. The line they drew is not at all straight but slithers across our peculiar attitudes to what is and what isn't acceptable.

In the case of Wilson, where a husband branded his wife's bottom with his initials, the Court of Appeal held that Spanner didn't apply because a consenting married couple could commit acts that led to mild injury. The doctor treating the burns clearly thought otherwise when he reported the couple to the police. Is nicking some other guy's penis with a knife worse than scarring your wife? After another 'grass up' from a doctor, the Court of Appeal ruled that there was no defens

defence of consent in erotic-asphyxiation, either. Surely the real deterrent is the prospect of getting convicted of manslaughter if it all goes wrong.

The Americans are just as potty. An Iowa court decided in a case where a prostitute had been sexually tortured by her pimp that S&M was not a 'social activity' (so no photos of 'spanked out' debs in Tatler then) and therefore consent couldn't be a defence. Sportsmen kicking each other in the kidneys are protected but your suburban S&Mer isn't. These value judgments say more about the judges than what is or isn't safe and fun for consenting adults.

The line should be drawn closer to GBH ('really serious harm') than ABH ('any hurt calculated to interfere with the health or comfort of the victim'). I propose the 'matron test', which is that no one should be able to consent to anything that cannot be treated by a competent district nurse.

If the current law were consistently applied Max Mosley (photo right), like my friend, couldn't consent to his injuries. This is ludicrous. Just because there is a defence in law doesn't mean it will be made out on the facts, and it's the facts that really matter. Consider Mosley's case: he played punishment games with willing participants, had sex - what's the point otherwise - and enjoyed a post-coital cup of tea. Nothing could be less evil or more civilized than that. 





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